Veracruz Intervention

German steamship Ypiranga, postcard from Shaw Saville

Apr. 21, 1914 - On Wilson's presidential authority, Marines landed at Veracruz to prevent German steamer Ypiranga (next month at Puerto Mexico, unloaded its cargo of Remington munitions).

The first contingent of 787 marines and sailors landed during the afternoon of Apr. 21 and seized the customhouse, and occupird most of the town by the afternoon of Apr. 22.

6000 marines landed, 19 killed, 400 Mexican civilians killed, 1000 mexican soldiers fled from the city.

USS Prairie bombarded the Naval Academy in Veracruz defended by Mexican cadets.

On April 25, Lt. P.N.L. Bellinger flew his Curtiss AB-3 flying boat to find for sea mines in the harbor. He was the first U.S. military aviator to fly a combat mission in the aviation squadron commanded by John Henry Towers, Naval Aviator Number 3, from the battleship USS Mississippi and cruiser USS Birmingham. Several sorties were flown by Henry C. Mustin, Naval Aviator Number 11.

On April 30, Gen. Frederick Funston led the Army's Fifth Infantry Brigade ashore to relieve the marines, and occupy the city under a military government.

April. 21-Nov. 23 - occupation of Veracruz for 7 months, no further invasion, only limited force.

Curtiss AB-3 lowered into water from USS Mississippi, April 1914.
Eugene Ely made 1st takeoff from a ship, the USS Birmingham, 11/14/1910.



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