1914 Europe from USMA

Jan. 22 - Hay-Herran Treaty gave the United States the right to build the Panama Canal.

Mar. 5 - Germany and Turkey agreed to develop the railroad to Baghdad, funded by the German-owned Baghdad Railway Co. headed by Georg von Siemens, that had buiilt the Constantinople to Angora RR in 1888.

Apr. 16 - Kishinev pogrom against Jews in Kishinev, Russia

Apr. 20 - British and French bankers pulled out of the German consortium to build the Baghdad Railway in the face of Russian opposition.

May 1 - King Edward VII visited Paris, a symbol of growing Anglo-French friendship that would lead to Entente.

June 11 - King Alexander of Serbia was assasinated in Belgrade with Queen Draga, by a plot of army leaders.

Aug. 29 - Russia established the Viceroyalty of the Far East and intended to continue expansion in Manchuria and Korea despite Japanese opposition.

Sept. 8 - Turkey suppressed an uprising of the Macedonian Central Revolutionary Committee, and massacred 50,000 Bulgarians near Monastir.

Oct. 14 - The Russian fleet moved off Korea, facing a Japanese fleet, as Russia continued to expand it influence from Manchuria southward.

Dec. 17 - Wright Bros flew the first heavier-than-air powerd aircraft at Kitty Hawk.




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