1914 imperialism from USMA

Feb. 13 - British suffragettes stormed Parliament and 60 were arrested.

Mar. 15 - The first women in Finland were elected to the Parliament: Finland was the first European country to grant women the right to vote in 1906, followed by Norway in June 1907.

Mar. 30 - Gabriel and Charles Voisin opened the first aircraft factory in France at Billaincourt.

May 16 - Pact of Cartagena by England, France, Spain recognized the status quo in the Mediterranean, opposed any German plans to take the Baleric Islands.

June 10 - Lumiere Bros developed the Autochrome color photography process using three glass plate negatives coated with colored starch grains.

June 15 - Second Hague Peace Conference.

July - Triple Alliance renewed for six years.

Aug. 31 - Anglo-Russian Entente ended the "Great Game" in Asia, recognized Russian sphere of influence in northern Persian and British influence in southern Persia and Afghanistan.

Oct. 18 - Hague international peace conference renewed the conventions of war defined in the 1899 Hague agreement.

Dec. 19 - Roosevelt announced that the Great White Fleet of American warships would make a round-the-world voyage in 1908.




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