1917 Europe from USMA

Jan.-Mar. - Germany withdrew to Hindenberg Line; Nivelle planned attack against shoulders rather than center

Feb. 1 - Germany declared unrestricted submarine warfare.

Apr. 1 - Armed Merchant Ship filibuster in U. S. Senate.

Apr. 6 - U. S. entry into the war.

Apr. 9 - Battle of Arras - British attack at first successful, Canadians took Vimy Ridge, but delayed, allowed German reserves to come up and stop British by Apr. 23.

Apr. 14 - George Creel's Committee for Public Information for propaganda

Apr. 16 - George Goethals Emergency Fleet Corporation for shipbuilding

Apr. 24 - Viviani mission invited the Yanks

May 1 - Army Expansion Act for mobilization

May 5 - Mutinies began in French army, 54 divisions, Petain replaced Nivelle.

June 7 - Battle of Messines Ridge - on south of Ypres salient, 19 tunnels exploded 1 million lbs explosives, 3-week bombardment.

July 31-Nov. - Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)

Aug. - Verdun offensive recovered territory lost to Germans in 1916.

Oct. 24 - Battle of Caporetto on River Isonzo won by Germany, after 11th Battle of Isonzo Aug-Sept, battle began Oct. 24 by German 14th Army with 7 new divisions, Rommel broke through lines with nfiltration tactics; by 3rd day italian army collapsed.

War in the East 1917

Nov. - Bolshevik Revolution and Radicalism

Dec. - Finland independent - Gustave Mannerheim vs. Red Army

The War Beyond in 1917

1917 July 6 - Lawrence and Arabs took Aqaba in the Mideast.

1917 Dec. 11 - Allenby entered Jerusalem.




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