1915 Europe from USMA

Jan. 31 - Germans used tear gas at Bolimow in Poland.

Feb. 24 - Canadians arrived in Flanders.

Mar. 10 - Battle of Neuve-Chapelle.

Apr. 17 - Battle for Hill 60 near near St. Eloi.

Apr. 18 - Roland Garros shot down, Fokker developed aviation interrupter gear.

Apr. 22-May 25 - Battle of Second Ypres.

May 2 - John McCrae wrote "In Flanders Fields"

May 7 - Lusitania sunk by German submarine.

May 9 - Allied Spring Offensive began at Aubers Ridge.

May 23 - Italy entered the war, began attack on the Isonzo.

May 31 - the LZ-38 became the first zeppelin to bomb London.

July 29 - German army used flamethrowers against British at the Hooge crater.

Aug. 5 - France removed artillery from fortresses such as Verdun for the Western Front.

Sep. 25 - Battle of Loos

Sep. 25 - Battle of 2nd Champagne - French offensive failed.

Sep. 25 - Battle of 2nd Artois - British offensive failed.

Sep. 26 - British tested Little Willie tank.

Oct. 12 - German stormtroopers in the Vosges.

Oct. 31 - British army issued steel helmets.

Dec. 18 - Douglas Haig replaced John French to command BEF.

Dec. 19 - Germany used phosgene gas.

Dec. 20 - "Falkenhayn Memorandum" declared intent to attack Verdun to "bleed the French white," and preparations began for a massive February offensive.

Dec. 31 - stalemate on Western Front at end of the year.

War in the East 1915

Feb. 9 - Winter battle in Masuria - German 9th and 10th armies defeated Russia, liberated East Prussia

Mar. 22 - Przemysl surrendered to Russia

Apr. 4 - Germans helped Conrad on Carpathian Front.

Apr. 20 - Armenians on Caucasus Front proclaimed a provisional independent government.

May - Battle of Gorlice - German and Austrian offensive drove Russia out of Galicia and Poland

May 23 - Italy entered war against Austria.

Aug. 1 - Falkenhayn planned offensive on Serbian Front.

Sept. 6 - Bulgaria joined Central Powers against Serbia.

Oct. 5 - Germany and Austrian offensive against Serbia began on northwest border, Bulgaria offensive began Oct. 11 on eastern border, Central Powers defeated Serbia by Dec. and all Allied forces would evacuate the country early 1916 except small force at Salonika.

The War Beyond in 1915

Jan.-Dec. - Japan took German colonies in the Pacific.

Jan.-Dec. - British campaigns in Africa.

Jan. 24 - Battle of Dogger Bank in the Sea War.

Feb.-May - British campaign failed in Gallipoli.



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